Our Venture Capital Fund

Our venture capital model uniquely combines our expertise and funds + individual investors’ aspirations + entrepreneurial talent embedded in growth markets = unlocking shareholder wealth. Our fund has $1 million reasons to believe in African entrepreneurs and co-invest with individual investors’ aspirations.

How it works


Entrepreneurs list their growth businesses on our platform to attract venture capital. Equities Nest conducts preliminary due diligence on the listed companies to carefully refine our listings.


Equities Nest commits 30% of the venture capital required per listed company on our platform. Individual investors start making commitments towards the balance of 70% on total venture capital required. Once the company raises 100% of its required venture capital, we start structuring the investment


With investment structured and growth strategy in place per company that has successfully secured 100% venture capital funds, we will kick start work towards growing shareholder wealth and unlocking growth value in the company.

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